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CLUB 360

360 is a number synonymous with fashionable Istanbul. 360 is the city’s quintessential eye-in-the-sky venue: A restaurant that comes with a summer terrace, a bar, a vibrant nightclub with regular DJs and live music, plus, of course, that wonderful panorama of the entire city. The whole place is jumping any night of the week.

Although quiet at lunchtime, in the evening it transforms into a sophisticated nightspot.

Located at the half-way point of Istiklal Caddesi, close to the famous Galatasaray High School, and housed in a classic old Pera apartment building, 360 remains a contemporary classic, where South African chef Mike Norman has created a international menu from an amalgam of influences. On this extremely well thought out menu you can find duck dim sum, chicken satay, polenta-crusted calamari with almond aïoli, grilled sardines in vine leaves, as well as "East and West” pasta dishes comprised of, for example, Asian-style glass noodles or Italian squid-ink tagliatelle; only a few of the choices from Club 360's superb menu.