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Nostalgic ride on the Pera "Orient Express"


For this activity we rent you a historical tram together with a group of actors dressed in1920s style. The actors will be your hosts and companions for the tour that follows. As a guest, you will also be provided with a costumes of the period. Music, played on violin and other string instruments, will be played to to recreate the atmosphere of the age of Jazz and the Charleston. Photographs taken during the ride will immortalise the evening.

Special tickets will be prepared for this musical tram journey, which last 20 minutes. Your hosts will also hand out pages from newspaper of the period.

A similar activity can be arranged for larger groups to ride in the carriages of a vintage train. The theme of this activity is based on passengers taking the "Orient Express" from a railway station located about 10 km outside of Istanbul and arriving, some time later, at the Sirkeci Railway Station within Istanbul. Serkeci is the original station where the Orient Express arrived back home in Europe. The station will be specially prepared for your arrival, with an orchestra playing, and vendors and bystanders dressed in costumes in keeping with the period.