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Ottoman Day

Our first stop is The Blue Mosque. With six minarets and a myriad shades of blue within its walls, it is amongst the most beautiful of the imperial imperial places of worship. The beauty of this building make it a must see destination for visitors from across the world.

Our next stop is Topkapi Palace, long the official residence of the sultans of the empire. Its many chambers now house some of the most celebrated treasures in the world.

Next, we visit The Grand Bazaar with its more than four thousand traditional craft shops.

Lunch in Hamdi restaurant, situated close to The Egyptian Bazaar.

Our evening is spent within The Egyptian Bazaar, also known as The Bazaar of Spices.

The final part of The Ottoman Tour is a visit to The Rüstempasa Mosque, one of the many outstanding works of the remarkable Ottoman architect Sinan. This building demonstrates his highly effective and individualistic usage of the blue ceramics of Iznik (Nicea). You can also view precious panels which require great concentration in order to construct their hidden patterns.