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Discovering the best places of Istanbul during your free time


Gift vouchers, which may be designed with the logo of the company, laboratory, etc. will be prepared. These vouchers will be given to each member of the group.

Voucher 1: Tasting of Turkish delight in a confectionery founded in 1926.

Voucher 2: A glass of wine or raki (a traditional turkish drink) in a café / restaurant with magnificent views of the Bosphorus and the antique zone of the city.

Voucher 3: Gathering postcards in a very famous bookstore.

Voucher 4: A glass of wine or raki in a café / restaurant situated in an emblematic zone of the city.

Each of these vouchers will contain a plan guiding the guest through a simple route leading to the place of objective. The guest will present the voucher and get the corresponding gift in return. To reach all 4 places, you can take a very enjoyable walking tour around one of the most animated and emblematic zones of the city.