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Del Mare

Del Mare was originally built as a stable for elephants, it's construction being commissioned in the late, that is to say, the early 1800's. At beginning of 1900's it was converted into a distillery and given the addition of a chimney.

Del Mare restaurant is housed in this handsome 200 year old stone building and stands directly on the shore of the Bosphorus right next to water. The restaurant has three levels, having attained its present reconstruction quite recently, after taxing the skills of its latest architect.

As for today, in 2004 Del Mare won the Best Fish Restaurant award for an establishment on the Asian Side of Istanbul. With its well though out a-la carte menu, Del Mare has hosted numerous company dinners and VIP events, as well as playing host to weddings with customized menus.

Del Mare is not only famous for fish, within Istanbul it's kitchens also carry a high reputation for French, Italian, Spanish and Greek cuisine.

Address: Kuleli Cad. 53/4, Cengelköy